But that makes no sense to me ;;
How could anyone ever want the dogdays to be over ,,                 
can't they take the heat?            

                Or is that just me —

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                     “Would ya’ grab me a beer while
                      I finish up here with this, mate?”

  Gotta make sure the ice cream truck’s engine 
  doesn’t give out on him while he’s on a run.

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  For some reason he figured tonight would 
  be a brilliant night to be up on the roof. So.
  Of course he leaned ladder up against the
  house with a six pack in haul and a joint 
  between his lips and his eyes on the stars. 
  Because that’s just what you’re supposed
  to when it’s one of those summer nights.


                     “How’s the air down there girlie?”

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   ❝ you’re gonna get yourself killed, boyo.
       at least do a sick flip on the way down. 

                     “I’ll keep that in mind. S’long as you say
                      I was rad even in the end, in my eulogy.”

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like this post for a dog you’ll never receive and a starter

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❝ — the fuck are you doing? 

                     “’M watching the sunset, girlie.”

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                        he cannot begin to believe how stupid he is
       over this man. he barely knows what to do with himself, anymore.

  Well. He could haul himself over and assist in Edan’s pants hunt. 
  — Or just haul himself over so that he can get a hold on Logan.

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    just going to casually watch him, in a totally not creepy way.

  And he’s just going to go about finding a clean - ish,
  pair of jeans, albeit with a renewed grin on his lips. 

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  One of these days he’s going to end up falling off the balcony, 
  and those rose bushes just below won’t make it hurt any less.
  Even so, he balances on its ledge, eyes on the sun up above. 

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